Hot. Hot. Hot.


Sonya K. from Lincoln, Nebraska writes, “Dear Poppy, I had sex with my step-brother. Now things are weird between us and my mother is wondering what’s going on. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but he’s super hot.”

Dear Sonya, if we go with the analogy, ‘Don’t shit where you sleep” I’m guessing the inside of your bedroom looks like a port-o-potty after an Insane Clown Posse concert.

Trust me, this this will end in a giant, fireball of hurt feelings and damaged relationships. My advice is that the next time you’re tempted to be the world’s simplest booty call, remember this, if the condom breaks you may have to introduce him as your step-brother, baby daddy and baby daddy step-uncle. An introduction like that can wipe the “super hot” off any guy.



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